As you all know its my birthday coming up next month and I just love presents. I really do. I THINK IT SHOWS HOW SPECIAL I AM AND HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME. Unfortunately for this year, the last of my 20's when I am still young enough to dance and sing and not so bitter that I can still enjoy it... I will be in Austin all on my own without any presents just sitting lonely in my house, staring at the wall, probably crying but no tears will come out because its so hot here and I am very dehydrated.

So I thought, what would make it amazing? What could I possibly do that would say goodbye to my 20s in the most glamourous and awfully adebauched way. SO... I got drunk, booked a flight and I'M GOING TO VEGAS BABY!!!!!!

If any of you are aware, Vegas has been my dream forever. It is the land of sex and money and neon lights. It is the birth place of the film showgirls... it's where Britney got married, its the birth place of fake eveything, its where they give you free drinks just for existing. I JUST CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT.

But although i have bought my flight and my hotel all by myself, those celine dion tickets, strip club entry fees and champagne bottles aint gunna buy themselves...know what I'm say?

PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY. What ever you decide to put into my pot will be spent on me being fabulous. Just remember all those nice drinks ive bought for you and said 'my treat don't worry about it'...or cooked for you...or all that advice I gave for free...or all the songs i've performed at you. 





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